We are the nursery for everyone. We cater to different garden styles and all budgets. We offer exceptional prices on all our products, and at certain key times of the year offer enticing discounts on our ranges.

We are committed to sharing our extensive plant and product knowledge.

We are here to help you with all your gardening requirements and will go above and beyond to deliver a premium offering and tailored approach. This could be as small as helping with a single exotic flower, filling that shady spot in your garden or as big as a full garden design consultation which we offer to our customers inhouse.

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We purchased the business from the Webbers who operated as Riddells Creek nursery for 40 years. When we purchased the business, we knew it had the potential to become a regional destination. We named it Riddells Creek Nursery because it says what it is and does. We put our hands, a shovel and plants into the logo because that’s gardening at its most stripped back. It takes time and patience also, but if you have a shovel and your own hands you can achieve almost anything in the garden.